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So excited to be the Daily Discovery in American Songwriter Magazine!! Check it out!   Daily Discovery: Ellen Once Again, “I’m Feeling Lucky”

TC Helicon Artist Story

I had the pleasure of sitting down with TC-Helicon and talking about their amazing products and new music. Check out their site to read the interview alongside tons of other extremely talented artists.

I'm Feeling Lucky:

Guess what! I made an EP, “I’m Feeling Lucky!! Ok, so many of you already knew that, but I can’t help to be excited about it.  You can find it at your favorite online music store! (iTunes, CDBaby, Bandcamp, Amazon and many other fine locations...) This EP is so personal and...

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Thanks PAO Productions for the awesome interview!!  Ellen Once Again: PAO Productions Interview

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Much love to The Dallas Weeky for the AWESOME feature. Once Again With Feeling  Read more @ http://bit.ly/RtIX6O


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About Me

"Ellen Once Again is one part vintage and two parts bubbly with a shot of Pop Soul mixed together to spread love through music."  

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About Me

"Ellen Once Again is one part vintage and two parts bubbly with a shot of Pop Soul mixed together to spread love through music."  

Ellen Hinton better known by her stage name Ellen Once Again is a singer/songwriter and musician from Texas. Her blend of soul, folk and pop vocals blend effortlessly to make a sound that is nostalgic yet innovative.  With two EP projects under her belt, Ellen's work has been heard on shows such as ABC's Mistresses, TLC's Toddlers & Tiaras as well as Oxygen's I'm Having Their Baby.  

Growing up in a musical family, Ellen has been a musician since the age of 12—playing the piano, singing in church and performing live."Ellen Once Again describes who I am," she says describing the meaning behind her stage name.  "I feel like i've done a lot of things,  but i've always come back to music because this is really who I am."  True to her word, Ellen spends the majority of her time writing, performing,  and teaching music.

EllenOnceAgain has received praise from numerous tech bloggers for her transfusion of technology and music, and her creativity.  She has also been featured in several music blogs and magazines, such as The Dallas Weekly, BackPocket Magazine, and American Songwriter.  Ellen Once Again is a name fans will soon be repeating again and again.



Skills // Piano, Voice, Songwriting, Music Production & Instruction.


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Once Upon A Time we played this awesome art show Artist J Taylor with Dre Hinton and Jeremy Cannon



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New Single Call The Doctor from Singer-Songwriter Ellen Once Again Uplifts and Inspires

Our music adventures drew us into an eclectic world of sound as presented by singer-songwriter and musician Ellen Hinton who goes by the stage name Ellen Once Again. Her latest EP “I’m Feeling Lucky” is a plentiful blend of soulful vocals, uplifting musical arrangements and inspiring lyrics. The song “Call The Doctor” from the EP is an powerful and relevant work of art that will certainly touch the hearts of many who have faced difficult challenges along their personal journeys. Although all of the tracks on the EP deliver flawless expressions of life’s most pertinent moments, “Call The Doctor” snagged our attention quickly as it speaks to listeners with candid discussion.

Ellen delivers a unique sound with delightful hints of nostalgia, creating a beautiful listening experience. “Call The Doctor” is reminiscent of Blu Cantrell’s popular works while inviting music fans into the early sounds of R&B soul. Ellen however, layers in contemporary music stylings to develop a highly-progressive and distinct sound, delivered in a voice that very few artists truly possess. Her warm vocal performance and playful lyrics bring to life serious content while expressing a message of hope and inspiration. The track is the perfect reflection on the roots of soul and folk and; it also looks toward the rebirth of influential creators makers who are destined to alter the game and reshape modern music as we know it.

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Joining the ranks of Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse, and Adele, Ellen Once Again is certain to be one of the most powerful singer-songwriter-musicians of our time. Music fans who are looking for homegrown sounds, and lyrical content that resonates within, will adore Ellen’s work. Her music is the type that will comfort, motivate, and inspire change both on a personal and global level. “Call The Doctor” is a must-have song for your digital music collection.

Texas singer-songwriter, and musician Ellen Once Again got her start in music at the age of 12 as a piano player and singer in church. No stranger to performance, Ellen has an extensive catalog of music that continues to grow along her climb to success. In addition to two EP releases, her work has been featured on TLC’s popular show Toddlers & Tiaras, Oxygen’s I’m Having Their Baby, and ABC’s Mistresses. Ellen’s music is a flavorful blend of soul, folk, and pop vocals. She has been featured in publications such as American Songwriter, and The Dallas Weekly as well as many others. Check out Ellen’s latest single “Call The Doctor” now streaming on Soundcloud.


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